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Lawyer Answer

The company had filed a case against one of my friend for data theft, wherein the data did not have anything confidential.

Ans :

Once the case is initiated, it can be closed by may request the court to conduct trial of the case with aid of ur local lawyer.

The company had filed a case against one of my friend for data theft, wherein the data did not have anything confidential.

Ans : Once the case is registered,

Can the son of a 'deceased daughter' claim any inheritance rights over the self-earned house of his 'maternal grandfather'(Nana)

Ans :

Yes can claim

Whats advice for my sister, her husband wants divorce after 28 years of marriage & 2 daughters (1 married), and wants her 2 vaca

Ans :

Initiate a case against him

Notary agreement validation

Ans :

It's mixed questions of fact and's vailidity would be decided only after its detail scrutiny

Some one fraud my money

Ans :

Lodge a police complaint 

Illegal termination of employment

Ans :

You can challenge the Termination order 

Late marriage certificate

Ans :

Yes.. Apply to municipal corporation or Panchayat whichever local authorities there and follow the procedure

Mutual divorce how much day will it take

Ans :

Usually Six Months time. But same can be waived if circumstances are there.

Is Fathers will binding on us?

Ans :

Your Query requires details analysis of documents Will and other facts.  Court can appoint an administrator of estate.if executor is not there in Will

1989 ke sathekhat ki muddat kitni hoti hai?

Ans :

Prove your case before the Court


Ans : no as per constitution no right for reimbursement. you can initiate Civil and criminal proceeding

What I do.

Ans : Get Anticipatory bail for sexual allegations

Unfreezing Account - my opponent has filed an fir against me for taking 70k at Tuesday i returned its 70k but police has freezed

Ans : when there is a suspicion or direct link with the commission of offence, the Account can be freezed. Once the investigation is complete, the application for de-freezing of account can be made to the appropriate authority.

I was tried to buy land, and I have done notary for the same and then I get some info about land, there is some problem and the

Ans :

No lawyer provides time bound schedule. 

Even when Sir was a divorced sister at home, Brothe seduced his sister and made her hakkasod, and if no one is ready to feed her

Ans : Depends on detail scrutiny of case, Civil Suit required to be filed for cancellation of Hakkasod


Ans : If you are not willing for mutual divorce, then don't be ready for it.

Where can I file a case?

Ans : you Apply to the local authority for your grievances, Local authority means panchayat, Municipal Corporation etc.

Agreement of sale1985 tobe completed before 1988.

Ans : you have strong case. Wait for his steps

How can I get 2007 marriage certificate

Ans : If you wish to apply for divorce and if your marriage is not registered, then file Affidavit stating about solemnization of marriage

Tree cutting laws

Ans : Basically, a permission is required from Forest Department for cutting trees and also in your case a no objection from Government for 30% of tree wil also be required. consult with local forest department.

Procedure to get the marriage certificate from the court where marriage is done in Arya samaj ritual 2. Time to get the same

Ans :

You may get a formal certificate from Arya samaj bhavan and same may be registered if adviced at Municipal crporation.same is having recognition.

Court marriage is different and has waiting period 


3. How much is my Court fees i.e. defendant in this case? Is there a percentage of my share or some online link mentioning this?

Ans :

Lawyer fee can be only be determined by lawyer himself. we can't presume or guess fees of lawyer. You approach lawyer and if affordable then only give a brief.

High court has given a judgement that retrospective effect cannot be considered regarding pmla and trial can start and propertia

Ans :

You may review judgement before same bench of High Court or may challenge it before honble supreme court

How to get the title on my and sister's name?

Ans : Legal heirship certificate can be asked by local authority ie Pune Municipal.

How getting road access to land

Ans : Where the property is situated..what are the arrangement made in required for solving your query.

how to separate Legally from wife without having marriage certificate

Ans : You may affirm an affidavit for showing that you were married. But adding , no divorce petition can be entertained within a year from date of marriage . So.u have to wait

Conditions for obtaining Ex Parte Order

Ans : Due service of notice is required , but due to covid -19, no harsh order are passing right now.

How can we get share from our father

Ans : Partition suit can be initiated for getting share if there is denial to do partition.

Neigbour has fabricated documents and want to take more land then he has bought and troubling us.

Ans : You can challenge his actions and may seek declaration as to sale deed and can also pray for injunction , provided that if you have interest vested in property.

What is the process of will registration after death in Palghar district?

Ans :

In my view, Will cannot be registered if the executant died. Will does not required to be registered

You may get the probate from appropriate court or may seek declaration in respect of it.