If a Illegal wife get tortured by her husband is there no way to punish him.

Situation : Hi, I got married as second wife when his first wife was live. He told me that he is not happy with his first wife and promised me to get separated. I have my two years old son now. But he decided not to separate from his first wife now. He is not giving any maintenance. Since I married to him as second wife my relations, my brother and mother noone support me. Now he is torturing me. He is not ready to live with me. He want me to get away from him and he wants to live with his first wife. His family and relations supports him and they are threatening me to get away from him. How can a man just like that use and throw us. Do I need to keep quite since I am a illegal wife. So men can continue like this with many women and we have no rights to punish them. Is there any law to punish them. Is this not a harassment against women. So many working women face this in work place like me. Let me know what should I do. Do I need to commit suicide with my son.??
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