Situation : My mother age 76 was staying temporarily with Thane-Mumbai for a period of one year during that period 20145-2016,she was having a bank account based in Kerala. She use to spent the money for her own expenses via ATM card and I used to remove and give to her. She made some cheques and transferred her own wished in the local bank Thane and made a joint account with me also kept and joint FD in the. My brother is very crook and selfish for money-property always fight with my mother even she lodge a complaint in the police station Kerala. Mother shifted to Kerala in 2016 was staying with crooked brother he has pressurized mother and filed a recovery suit in the senior citizen court but dismissed my lawyer. With pressure mother can't do any thing because she is fully depend on him. Mother expired on 2018 now he again filed suit summons against me for recovery stating that I used the ATM-Cheque. In the bank statement of mother there is no evidence to proof or prove against me there is no name of mine in the statement and ATM footage bank keep minimum for 3 months.At present my lawyer is handling the case I have to appear this month end in the court of Kerala to submit the statement.
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