I purchased flat 2015 up till date flat is not ready..

Situation : I paid him 19 lac. as per notarised deed between bulider and me. I have to pay 19 lac afterwords he will do agreement to sale. he pad him he is lawer also. whenever he Idemand money we give it him. afther my installment payment 10 lac. i ask for argreement sale. he said no. and make one side agreement it have only manner of payment i have to pay him. because of I already paid the money him I have argree about one side agreement. there is no specification of construction.on date .the property belong to other who not live in nagpur. he live only rights to sell. uphill now construction not done afther 2 y.i ask for my money he said. come to court will see. there is an that much good in position from money. I am just coman man doing service.and liveing rental. .. I paid him my hole life saving money to him.. I don't know what to do now . I fell I lose my money and home also.. please help me..
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Advocate Priyanka Chopade

Nagpur, Nagpur
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Dear Client,
Looking toward the matter you mention, we had have all rights to challenge it at Court as well as we have all the options with us like as..
Make compliant to Special Investigation Team.
We can go to Consumer Forum under Consumer Protection Act, 1986
Also, We can Claim for Specific Performance.
So Need not to worry a lot, you can contact us with the help of LawyerNU. Be connected, Be Safe.

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Advocate Priyanka Chopade

Nagpur, Nagpur
For More Details Contact On +91 7769012300.
A: Dear Client, We observed that such case are increasing day by day and this happened due to some our own mistakes only, We are purchasing our dream house with our hard earn money but ignoring Documentation part. Many time peoples use to make Documentation from non qualified agents or builder agent and he give all favour to builder only. Then purchaser get traped and found in such case mention above, but this can be easily avoided by hire a good lawyer from purchaser end, who can take care of your safety and make valid Document. So value your hard earn money and always hire your own qualified lawyer while purchasing any property. It's must ! We are happy to help you all...
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