What should I do if somebody marked my proxy attendance?

Situation : I am in central govt job (in probation). A few days ago, I did not go to office and neither did I had given my leave application. I did not ask anyone to mark my proxy attendance, but somebody marked my proxy attendance on that day and later told me about it. I went for next two days to office and marked my attendance. For next two days after that, I did not go to office, and somebody again marked my proxy attendance. Now, the handwriting of these signs is clearly different. I want to ask whether it can create a problem for me in future. What should I do to avoid any problem, and to keep my record perfectly clean? If I, with the permission of senior, erases the proxy signs from attendance sheet with correction fluid or whitener and marks 'CL' there, or just strike the proxy signatures and write 'CL' there, will it be right? If I leave as it is, can anybody in future charge me of misconduct or any offense? If yes, how will they prove that those are not my signatures? Only on basis of handwriting? Can they check CCTV footage also to prove their charge? Will only I be held guilty or the person who marked proxy also? What is the rule regarding this? I did not ask anyone to mar
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