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Situation : My sister family broken up due to husband negligence & Mental torture, In Laws torture and In Laws relatives involvement in there family matters. We arranged marriage to my sister 7 months ago, with the proposal bring by my mom's brother. We also know there family people from past 10 year in our society groups. But not much interacted. also the boy was senior in same school where my studied and she also has good opinion about him. A one and half month ago my brother in law slap on my sister's face and she come back to our home that day at mid night alone by cab. One week later my family and there family had discussion and sent her back to there home. Next month again same problem and she returned to home (I went and bring her home). My brother in law is very smart and he won't easily come to the point when we try to resolve there misunderstandings between husband and wife. And his parents won't stay with them, but they call 3 times a day to my sister and son. Making calls like this they controlling them by sitting from their native it self and finding there each movements. Adding to this there relatives also involving in her family matters.
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Dear Sir,

Indian Laws are very smart towards married woman. Ask your sister to file multiple cases.

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