Situation : Sir, with due regards my humble submission for your kind noble self is as follows:- 1. Can brother-in-law and sister-in-law of a lady all stationed in Goa and domiciles of Goa since their birth can file Special Inventory Proceedings for recovering half of her property if her husband had died intestate......? Can they file a court case or institute inventory proceedings in Goa District Courts under “ The Goa Succession,Special Notaries and Inventory Proceedings Act 2012 ( effective from septemeber, 2016)” 7 years after the death of her husband in Goa.???? 2. Is the Indian Law of Limitation 1963 (Act 36 of 1963) bars such proceedings under Article 113 of the Schedule appended to the said 1963 Act? . The period is stated to be 3 years only as it looks explicit/crystal clear in Article 113 of the appended schedule itself. (No period prescribed in such cases, hence it is presumed to be 3 years in the Act itself & hence the case that may be filed liable to be dismissed being not maintainable)????. The Goa Succession, Special Notaries and Inventory proceedings act, 2012 also bars this to 5 years under mutual agreement vide Section 19(3) but becomes silent all of a sudden after sect
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