How to save father's property from relative's fraud possession.

Situation : i am (age 57) from u.p. my grandfather had a plot of size 14x70s.f after his death plot had been divided 37 year ago b/w my father and uncle by self,both person had no objections from that property division and didnot write a division agreement on any letter.Each got 14x35 sq.foot father construct a house on his plot 36 year ago by self investment and noone create father,uncle,aunty have been died .my mother still alive.plot as mentioned above(14x70) khasra registered on my grandfather name in village town area land record.Now the matter of quarrel b/w me and my uncle's son(36 year age) is that he is not agree the division of property saying that in old land record of town area plot(14x70)sq.f is registered on grnfather name and no property so divide property again and give my shares from your house.i have:1) 36 year old house tax/house no. receipt.(27 year house tax is issued by Father's name and after his death last 10 year tax issuing on my name.(2)electric/water bill on my name. 3)father's death certificate and ration card.4)ancestral land khasra of grandfather name.father's house is under my pocession.Is it possible that relative capture my house by law
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