What is procedure for cutting branches of tree in public land looming on house roof in Bihar in non forest gram panchayat

Situation : Dear Sir/Madam, I am from Bihar and area comes under Gram Panchayat area . A Peepal tree and mango tree planted under the premises of a government office (block development office) compound has grown big enough and its branches are looming on my roof. It is causing problems of 1. security threat (someone can come on my roof) 2. Physical obstruction in the use of roof space 3. Obstruction in intended plan of construction of 2nd story. A portion is also covering my kitchen garden and cultivation/plantation is not growing under its cover. Few things are ample clear. 1. I am not seeking cutting of trees but only few branches. 2. These cutting has in any case will no cause threat to the survival of trees. Now my question are. 1. What is procedure for cutting tree branches inpublic land in Bihar in non forest gram panchayat. 2. Does the Peepal tree revered by many has any special provision. Thanking in anticipation. Regards
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Dear Sir,

In all states the general rule is that a formal intimation is required to be given to the forest department and local authority before cutting such trees. You may file PIL if you make the issue big and save the trees.

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