Can i marry the second wife without divorcing the first wife

Situation : I' a Muslim by birth from Maduri Dist (T.N) working in Dubai, I married to a Muslim girl 3.6 yrs before in our traditional way arranged by parents through Masjid jammath, and from the beginning me and wife had issues mostly because of her father to leave my parents and me to completely stay in her home or rental home, even she is not at all obeying or comfortable in living with me or in my home or with my family. Twice the masjid jammath interfere in our issues to solve the problem but again and again, her father creates problem also my wife wants me to go her home and live (as she is only one child) and we have 2 sons and i am sure as long as her father interferes we cant live peacefully and in future also my wife will not be in good terms with me. In this case I decided to go for second marriage with an Indian Muslim girl working with me here in dubai and live my life peacefully. On considering my sons future i dont want to divorce my first wife also. Can you please advice me is it legal as per Indian law being muslim and in future the kids from my second wife will face any problem for taking the birth certificate, passport, school admission like that..?? Will, me and my second
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