What I can do? Legal advice in the interest of family distribution

Situation : X is father & Y is wife ,mother & A,B -married sons & C, D daughter c- unmarried daughter d- married daughter. X had purchased the property(flat) from his earnings. x was expired before 30 yrs without making will.. Currently Y is the owner of the property and her age is 85+years.Elder son A is residing with his family with Y, however not taking any care or responsibilities of Y. Son B is residing out of state with his family. Elder unmarried daughter C is residing with Y and taking full responsibilities & care of Y.Younger daughter D is married. Y had gifted her property to C via gift Deed and documents were registered in registrar office.. Can C sell out the property? A,B,D have rights to claim in this property? Can Y gift the property to Daughter C if property- Flat is in co-op society. Can society object for this transfer via gift deed if objection from legal heirs received? Can Y justify her legal stand to gift deed to unmarried eldest( senior citizen daughter) C? Family- Hindus
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