Can minior purchased a land on own name without any guardian

Situation : my grandfather purchased a property in 1965 for earning source of joint family on the name of two tauji back than both were minior(respectively 7 and 15 year). upto year 2018 whatever profit got from concerned land by farming used to have divided in equal part among them. but now they have denied to my father for his share in profit and saying that land had been purchasing by them by themselves amount one is saying that he used to sell parsad and garland in village temple((they are saying lie since in 1965 caste discrimination was exist and we belong to scheduled cast) and another is saying that money is provided by him father in law for land purchasing (back than they were unmarried) and saying that time any type of amount had not been given by him father ( my grandfather) (whereas sell deed has been executed through my grand father as guardian and mutation had been filled by both tauji name) . now that my grand father has died in 1997 and grand mother also died in july 2019.what should i do for my father share in concerned land
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Dear Sir,

File a suit for partition.


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