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Situation : My brother 17 yrs has been taken by Bangalore police from shimoga where we live without been informed we kept on searching whole day nd night ,at 11pm went to shimoga police station to complain ..there we got to know abt the arrest.A month before my brother was been frauded by someone.He sold his bike to my brother telling to pay an amount 40k in afternoon and remaining in evening when he will give the bike records, my brother got trapped as he gave 40k and took bike.After dat ,dat guy no is switched off.Not knowing wat to do ,my brother took bike to home shimoga.He was not using d bike and since he gave it to his frnd,and now this frnd of him gave it to Duke service center where it's being held and both my brother and his frnd Wer took by Bangalore police without informing.Today wen we with parents reached Bangalore police ,de r not even bothered to respond.Its almost been from Friday morning to Saturday night..de r not even allowing to meet him.please help us wat can we do now ..as he is just been frauded and not a criminal
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Dear Sir,

You may approach concerned Court and get him released on bail. Nothing to worry.

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