How can i prevent harassment from loan recovery firms who are appointed by UAE Banks in India?

Situation : Sir I was working in UAE from Jan 2015 to Jan 2018. I had obtained loans / cards in UAE in the tenure and i was paying duly. I lost my job all of a sudden and i had to return in Feb 2018. I was jobless till Jan 2019 and i was struggling to survive with my family. UAE Bank appointed a 3rd party agent in Bangalore and started sending emails and calling me and my father posing as Lawyers of the Bank, calling me RBI / Passport and also police officials etc. The harassment has now turned to threatening to life etc while i am still struggling to overcome the losses i have gone thru and a very unstable job and financial condition at the moment. I have approached the local police who once called the person asked him to come to the station but he never turned up and calls / emails stopped for few months. It has again started and now it is now becoming more serious. Request you to kingly help me.
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Dear Sir,

Such problems were solved by me previously. Normally UAE banks cannot stretch its hands beyond six golf countries. The so called recovery agents cannot enforce recovery proceedings legally in India.

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