Wrongful termination case without any reason

Situation : Hi, I was wrongfully terminated 22 months back. The Company had not mentioned any reason in 'Termination' letter. I have following queries:- 1. As I was holding a managerial position, therefore, labour court laws are not applicable in my case and I can not apply in labour court. Question - Can I now apply in civil suit or si there any other court for handling wrongful termination case? 2. My residence is in Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad but the office was in Gurgaon. Question - Where can I apply - Ghaziabad court or Gurgoan or anywhere? 3. Fee - I sent a legal notice to the employer 22 months back (compensation INR 2.25 crore). If the law allows me to go in lower court (Ghaziabad), how much court fee will I have to pay as a deposit (or % of compensation claim)? 4. Fees Exemption - If I opt to pay the court fee later (after 3-4 months), can I get the exemption? Thanks
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