What are powers of DRT to deal with cases filed during stay period from October 2018 to july 2019 for filing OA.

Situation : Brief History My daughter had availed an education loan of Rs. 400000/- & I was made co borrower. I had taken housing loans for which my house was mortgaged. My housing loans have been repaid but Bank has not released the house in my name. Now OA (Original Application) has been filed by Bank with DRT in Feburary 2019 for education loan recovery amounting Rs. 1032000/-. DRT Eligibility Limit to file OA was revised from more than Rs.10 lac to more than Rs. 20 lac in September 2018 by publishing in Gazette. Stay was granted by Rajasthan High Court on same in October 2018. The same writ was dismissed in July 2019. Question OA was filed during stay period but original writ stands dismissed. Do DRT has power to act on such cases as were filed during stay period. Only summons have been received.
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You may take appropriate contention by hiring a high profile advocate. You will succeed to some extent. 

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