Unequal Register Partition deed & Certain Properties are left in original deed

Situation : (1)Un equal Register Partition Deed is executed in 2017 among Hindu family after death of Kartha ( 2 Sisters / 1 Brother / Mother ) (2)As per register deed if one of the property is sold, 50Lakh will be given or in case of construction 1200 sq. feet apartment will be given from Brother to Sisters & no share to Mother since she live with Brother. In either conditions no time limit is mentioned in Register Partition Deed. (3)Certain properties are left in original register Partition Deed, now available for partition among family members. Brother has executed Release Deed from Mother & One Sisters, LEAVING LAST SISTER in 2018. (4)Gifted Property by Father during his life time to her DAUGHTERS, mentioned as shares of TWO SISTERS in Partition Deed by BROTHER. No other share is given except above 2 points on condition is mentioned in Deed. (5)Email between LAST SISTER to brother are exchanged before Partition Deed about the deed. Please share Supreme Court Cases Reference / Citations considering above points to at least Five reference to umeshahsr@gmail.com LAST SISTER planning to challenge the Register Partition Deed based on above convincing Supreme Court P
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Advocate Justice Kishan Dutt Kalaskar

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Dear Sir,

Be understand that unregistered partition deed may be used for colateral purpose only. 

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