Sold my 2 wheeler without registration in 2015. It is still on my name and how to avoid any legal issues with vehicle in future.

Situation : I had sold my 2 wheeler vehicle in October 2015 to a broker (used 2 wheeler vehicle business man) without doing any vehicle registration. We wrote some documentation on normal paper, but I lost it now. The broker sold to different person (I do not know who the person is). The broker closed his business and I do not know his contact or his address. Recently, when I search the registration number of the vehicle in the government transport website (RTA), it still shows ME as the owner of the vehicle. This implies that the vehicle is still on my name legally, but driven by someone. I am afraid about any legal issues in case the vehicle is involved in any accident. I realized this problem recently. I do not have the contact information about the broker and the person who is using the vehicle. Please advice me what I should do to avoid any legal problems/issues with the vehicle. How should I protect myself from the unforeseen legal issues (in future) ? I am Hindu. Thanks.
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Dear Sir,

Immediately get back your vehicle since the settled law says that the person on whose name RC is standing is liable to pay the compensation in case of vehicle accident.

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