How can I prevent giving alimony

Situation : My name is Subhrendu Sen. I am a hindu male age 48 years. I am physically handicapped person and unemployed. I was married on June 06, 2003 in Kolkatta, West Bengal and returned to Visakhapatnam where I stay. The Marriage has not been registered but was held in the presence of many relatives & close friends. We stayed together for about 3 months and my wife went to her parent's place (Kolkata) BUT has not returned to Visakhapatnam till now nor living with me. Now my parents want to divide their property. My dad earned and built his property with his own money but my mom earned her property by inheritance I want to be free of any relations with her but at the same time I do not want to her to claim any alimony. Is that possible? pleas reply ASAP @
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