3. How much is my Court fees i.e. defendant in this case? Is there a percentage of my share or some online link mentioning this?

Situation : This is a partition suit between 4 siblings in Karnataka. Plaintiff (one sibling) has filed partition suit with remaining 3 Out of the 3 siblings 2 are deceased (1 bro & 1 sis) hence their respective wife & children are included in the defendant. (overall 9 defendants) So Plaintiff is claiming for 1/4th of the share along with expenses. The estimate value of properties mentioned is 4CR INR, with 1/4th share to be 1CR INR. Plaintiff is claiming 1CR + 45 lakhs (his expenses). Although the benefits of the investment have not been mentioned in the form of rents/crop harvest by Plaintiff & one Defendant. The document correctly represent this value. There is one lawyer being being appointed to represent all 11 defendants except one defendant who benefited from the rent and might have their own lawyer. I am one of the defendants in the suit. My mother(deceased) one of the siblings, hence I get 1/4th of 1/4th share of this partition 1. The next hearing is on 19/12 (Lok Adalat), should I hire a lawyer to request for more time given that I just got the notice. 2. How much is average lawyer fees for this partition suite if I hire my own layer to raise objections.
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Lawyer fee can be only be determined by lawyer himself. we can't presume or guess fees of lawyer. You approach lawyer and if affordable then only give a brief.

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