Women threatening to marry her. I don't love her. What should I do now?

Situation : I am P, male, 30 year. There's a girl named 'X' , 26years. We used to work at the same place. Back in 2018 this girl and I were friends. She proposed me and I rejected her. Then later she said "okay let's be friends" and to that I agreed. We used to study together for exams at her place. I used to stay with her late nights at her place somedays considering her as a good friend. She acted like a friend for certain period of time and then started torturing me to accept her. But I didn't. She used to take poison bottle, blade and other things to threaten me to have a physical relationship with her. She forced me to have a physical relationship (sex) with her to which I never gave my consent. She always forced me and threatened me. And we never had a conversation about marriage or love for that matter. She never said she wants to marry me. I stopped talking to her in 2019. I used to block her mobile phone. She used to call me with new numbers and threaten me to talk and meet. Now in 2021 july, she is threatening to marry her. I never gave any promises of marriage or love. What should I do?
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