What are legal options for a flat booked 12 years ago and the project got shelved,tenants stil there n builder still buying time

Situation : This is regarding flats booked in 2009 with verbal assurance of possession by builder in 2 or 3 years,was given allotment letter and payment made by cheque,builder is buying time since then making excuses,after booking the flat builder got into litigation with the old tenants for fraudulent forging documents but the case got dismissed and FIR squashed against him,the plot is still occupied by the tenants nothing is done,later in compensation he offered another under construction site of his which is far away from where the booking was done but i rejected,since last 12 years living on rental,after pleading him that now cant afford to pay high rent the builder agreed to contribute sum amount for rent since last 4 years but neva pay on time paying as per his convenience every time visiting his office begging for rent, if insist him for final settlement he says even my partners are involved you will need to talk with them aswel which I agree,but they are never in office at the same time and I'm a user not a invester builder just not understanding the mental trauma I'm going through.
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