What act of violation is it not to share packaging box containing product information with consumer?

Situation : When an overseas mobile phone company says it is their policy to sell replacement but still "new" phones in India "at a cost", they give the receipt for the money paid but say that the box containing printed product information like importer name, manufacturer name, manufacturing month,year etc details are sent back to thier head office and not meant to be shared with the customer. My phone is now defective within days and I would like to understand more details as I have no idea of the manufacturing month, year and now neither does the company know to arrive at how old my phone could be. Can I request guidance on which section, rule of which law, act, regulation is the company in violation of in not sharing the box containing the printed product information details? Would appreciate guidance.
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You have to approach the police for selling such goods illegally. The police will trace out the actual culprits.

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