My wife is standing as an accused in a bounce cheque case. in aurangabad and jaipur . how to release her as she is innocent

Situation : we had given some signed blank cheques to our bro-in-law , for some business purposes, and he has misused them without our knowledge and approval. Now the aggreived parties have filed a case against my wife. after doing this mischief the bro-in- law has vanished without a trace . we want advise how to pass a motion,in court , that this bro-in-law be produced in court to answer as how he misused the cheques . our story is very complex and big. this is only a small part of this problem seeking free legal advise ( we are depending on asha baldwa vs ram gopal judgement which is similar to ours ) if you send your email address , i will send full details of this very complex situation . with all evidences. i want framing of arguments. i have filed FIR in thane court and registered with kasarvadavalli police station Pls call me only after 6 pm , as i am working from home , daily 8am to 6 pm thanks and best regards
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