How to take share in father property

Situation : we are three brothers (Hindu) who made an unregistered family settlement(stating everiyone share) on 16-4-2018(Notroised and signed by two witness on 100 rs stamp paper) for properties of my late father who passed away on 24-6-2013 . He made a registered will on 24-10-2011 and later on he cancelled the same on 14-11-2011. Now my younger brother who is living with his family on my share of property (which is a house that comes to me as per family settlement) is not vacating and when I ask him to vacate he starts abusing and not allowing me to enter in the house by using muscle power. I am in job and going to retire so I want to sell my share of property. Somebody suggested for filing partition suite with possesion and injection, but court fee in U. P is Very high and difficult to afford. Please let me know can I file a suite for declaration/title with pocession and injection on the basis of unregistered family settlement to claim title for my share of property also see the limitation act for this. However year 2020-21 got affected by corona. Also see for any other more effective (certainly economic one) legal solution So that i can get peaceful vacated possesion of my share
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