If she sucied , what can I do, , can I be a victim or not

Situation : Sir/ madam, two year ago a girl propose me , and I agree , and after sometime we are in relationship , but now one month ago , I come know that , she is married 2 and half year ago, before she proposed me, and everyone in college and my frnd and her know that we are in relationship , but no one knows that she is married, but now slow slow all secret of her is open , because everyone knows that we are in relationship , and when everyone knows that she is married before we meet , and one-day this secert is goes to her husband and family. Now she blame me and told me that if this matter is goes to her husband and family from any one , she sucied and write my name, and one day some told to her family . What can I do , if she do any thing, am I victim of abedment of sucied charge. Help me.
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