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Situation : I Shashwathi S( D/O Srinivasa Murthy G S and Shailaja Murthy) is writing this complaint as I have been a victim of Blackmagic/paranormal attacks for the last 15yrs. I would want to enlist a set of harassment abuses hurled at me indirectly through the usage of paranormal/demonic entities/ spirits /voices/snake spirits/ in astral forms Blackmagic at home and our family is subjected to thoughts being spied for the last 30+ yrs. I Shashwathi S are totally unaware of activities of telepathic spying/scrutiny that has been set out by our relatives/friends/neighbours/outsiders in the last 50-60yrs. My parents and I have been unaware of demonic forces controlling us for the last 30+ yrs. There are a lot of tantric and spiritual practices done over us that are unknown to my family but have shown their presence and harassed me for the last 10+ yrs. I was induced to hear voices through Blackmagic/paranormal means in 2012 from Lecturers in engineering collegemates/schoolmates/family members. The voices are threatening me and are abusive (mentally/sexually) and death threats are given to my family through voices. People who are distant away in other countries and other family members who
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