How to build a proper legal agreement between a Stock Trading Account Holder & a Stock Trader operating his account??

Situation : I am an individual Stock market trader. Basically, I trade online in my client's trading accounts by using their trading accounts credentials provided by themselve on their consent on their behalf. As per my knowledge, plz correct me if I am wrong, there is no proper law governing this type of arrangement & lots of people are engaged in this type of arrangement inspite of various frauds/ forgery also. Now, my query is, if I make an agreement between me as a trader and my clients as an account holder, detailing all the terms and conditions involved in it like risk associated with, returns committments, revenue sharings, etc., is there any legal problems would happen by considering SEBI regulations or Financial Markets or Conflicts of interests or any other contractual conflicts arises or not? plz guide me, and if all are okay with this type of agreement where both the parties are mutually undergoing in a legal formalities about this matter, then what would be best draft for such type of agreement??
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