How to step by step to proceed legaly so that my wife will come back my home..& when to apply divorce if stituation isreally bad

Situation : Dear Sir, This is Prashanth & i recently got married on 2nd Nov 2017. Myself & my wife relationship is good & i love my wife too much & taking care from the beginning. But now my wife's parents are interfering in even a small issues & they have taken full control on their daughter, now & then she goes their home & does not come..& here we are running behind. My wife & their parents are creating & talking some false statements on us, whatever we communicate to her father he is wantedly communicating differently with his wife/daughter. Yesturday also i gone to their house at morning 8 & till evening 4 i requested a lot to their parents to send my wife but they are unnecessarily creating issues big & not sending my wife..& even my wife is not talking single word behalf of me. I do not know what to do sir, honestly there is no fault with us & i love my wife too much & my parents are depressed due to this issues. Requesting you to give me legal advice & step by step legal proceedings so that they fear & send my wife back...pls help me.
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