How can I defend if my opponent raising complaints against me with their money power?

Situation : Hello sir, Some of my friends started their own IT firm recently with the same product of their old company but without copying anything from the product of their previous company. But a few days ago the previous company raised a complaint and with their money power they hired expert lawyers and they collected orders to do ride to my friend's office unexpectedly. even they had papers to collect data of my friend's personal emails.also, they copied all the source code of my friend's product claiming they need to send it for further analysis. but they said they got orders to copy data related to the trademarked name of the company who raised the complaint but still they copied whole data with them. now my friends are in deep depression as they dont have enough fund to get an expert advocate and meanwhile the first party raised an injunction order too for a temporary stay. what can we do in this condition?
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