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Situation : Hi, Since there is a dispute with a neighbour on the survey done to identify boundaries of the land in my RTC. I wish to apply to the court at Udupi for a court ordered survey of land. How much time would this procedure take for me to finally erect a fencing around my land. Presently, I understand the court goes on leave for summer vacation. What is the start date and end date for the court summer vacation in udupi, managalore. Thank you.,
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Dear Sir,

Court in Karantaka start woring from 28.05.2018

View the callender of High Court of  Karantaka in the following link.

Secondly you must apply for appointment of ADLR for scientific measurement of if land under the following provision



ORDER 26 RULE 10A. Commission for scientific investigation.- (1) Where any question arising in a suit involves any scientific investigation which cannot, in the opinion of the court, be conveniently conducted before the court, the court may, if it thinks it necessary or expedient in the interests of justice so to do, issue a commission to such person as it thinks fit, directing him to inquire into such question and report thereon to the court.

(2) The provisions of rule 10 of this Order shall, as far as may be, apply in relation to a Commissioner appointed under this rule as they apply in relation to a Commissioner appointed under rule 9. 


It may take 30 to 60 days to dispose the applicatin and then Court commissioner must visit the spot.

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