How much alimony a wife can get from husband if he is in a government job and earning more than 50000 and wife being in a privat

Situation : It's a domestic violence case after 15 years of marriage I want legal separation.i m earning 15000 and in a private sector.husband being in a government job earning 50000.we don't have any much alimony can I get from husband.
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It works on the following formula:




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My answers as follows.


1)what is the max alimony I can claim from him?


Ans: The quantum of maintence must be based of SC judgment which says 25% of salary must be maintenance. Thus it must be calculated as follows

Salary Rs.2 lakhs per month

25% comes to Rs.50,000 multiplied by 12 Months = Rs.6 lakhs  per year.


If you live for another 20 years it comes to Rs.6 lakhs multiplied by 20 = Rs. 1crore 20 lakhs.

You get total compensation of Rs.1 Crore Rs.20 lakhs.


2)can I ask for a property?


Ans: You have no right over property but its notional income may be added to the salary .


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