Hanafi law of Inheritance

Situation : In our partition Suit still pending.. Grandmother survived by only 2 daughters, who are also dead, one daughter survived by a Son and other daughter's son also died and survived by 2 daughters and only son predeceased her with predeceased sons Son and daughter.. Please determine the shares of Grandson, Grandson's 2 daughters and predeceased sons children as per Sunnni hanafi law As per Hanafi law 2 daughters are entitled for 2/3rd share jointly as sharers and predceased Sons and daughter are entitle as residuaries for remaining 1/3rd. Question: One of the daughter Son also died and he is survived by only 2 daughters and no Male child, Since Sunni law is male dominant, How the share allotment changes ? For example..A grand mother Mubeen since dead survived by 2 daughters Afreen and samreen , Afreen since dead and survived by her heir a son Afsar and Samreen survived by son Rafeeq who also died and survived by 2 daughters simran and Kamran and Children of predeceased Son namely Azhar and sameena
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