We are living since 25 years and now previous owner of land send notice for evacuation

Situation : my family living on purchased land by constructing home from last 25 years in Nagpur, Maharashtra. after 20 years previous land owner file suite in court against us for eviction of land and home. Now the case is in Supreme court. Before 25 years when we purchased land my mom taken in writing on 10 rs stamp paper (purchase agreement) as well as on electricity bill in our name on 10 rs stamp paper in 1992. But because of financial issue the registry is not in our name. Now the previous land owner saying this is not his sign purchased agreement , he did wrong signature on it when we verified and correct on electricity bill stamp paper. now he is saying that he constructed the building and we are leaving on rent since 1992 and from 2005 we did not pay rent so he file case against us. we dont have any rent agreement with the previous owner. We have possession since 25 years, Electricity bill on our name, we are paying water, electricity, land taxes Municipal Corporation and we have all the receipts in original and allotments letter in original. Lower Divisional bench case was against us because our Lawyer was not available for hearing because of his medical issues.
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