How to Stop Allowing a Petition during Argument in Appeal suit filed under Order 41 Rule 27 Sec 151 CPC.

Situation : Respected Sir / Madam, I have a Civil Partition Appeal Suit , " I am the Appalent. The Respondent have Produced a WILL in Orginal Suit ( He is the Propounder ). In which none of the Evidences are examined. I have Appealed in District Court, " Respondent have Argued yesterday , Today he has brought a Petition asking for Witness to be Examined Under Order 41 Rule 27 Section 151 of CPC. " This is just to Drag the case . Respondent got Sufficient time in trial court. I very Humbly Request / Beg you to Please give me latest Supreme Court Citations for Us to stop allowing the petition given by Respondent. Thank You. Vivek Thomas D
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