What should I do? Police arrested me whereas I was not the driver. The driver ran away.

Situation : One day we were going somewhere by our car. We were four person in the car driver, my father, my uncle and I. When the driver was driving the car, a motorcycle came wrongside and collide with the car. The rider died on the spot and pallion was injured. The driver ran away at once but we were there. The people who came there, seem I was the driver and police arrested me. Now the driver is ready to say that I was driving the car but police is not agree to this. What should I?
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Dear Sir,

Represent your case before the Superintendent of police. If not agreed then let it go for trial  and none of the witnesses identify you and case will be ended in the acquittal. If you need easy and immediate disposal then give some compensation from pocket and get hostile the witnesses in the court and case will be ended in acquittal. For more suggestions call me.

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