Bride harassing Groom

Situation : Hi My nephew working in Dubai, married in July 2017 and left abroad in Sept17.His wife stayed with his parents for one month.During this stay she did not obeyed them and every day she was busy on phone till midnight & dint wake up early morning.When parents asked her to change herself and be mingle with them,she did not changed her habit & saying she cant stay with them.She left to her parents house without getting permissions from my nephew nor the parents.From almost 7 months she is staying with her parents and herself or parents did not contacted my nephews parent.She is saying she will not stay with nephews parents and she want to go to Dubai along with my nephew and till that time she will stay with her parents.She or her parents not contacted my nephews parents. She is sending very insulting messages to my nephew & black mailing him, if he dint take her to Dubai, she will file an false harassment and dowry case.Due to this my family is in big shock.Please advise in such situation is there any law which will protect us.I heard the police also give priority to girls comments.The police investigate in detail before they file the case?Will they arrest?Please reply on my mail.
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