How do I vacate, while owner is asking to pay either 6 months rent or stay for another 15 months?

Situation : 1. In the mid week of June 2018, I met with my owner and decided to be tenant, and paid token advance of 10,000 rupees. (by hand) 2. On 1st August 2018 I moved in and paid the remaining advance amount of Rs 45,000 again by hand. (My owner refused bank transaction) 3. After 2 weeks of stay, I drafted the rent-agreement, but owner was (is still) not ready to come and sign it as he was operated and taking rest. 4. Due to many problems (mainly related to cleanliness and kitchen), I have decided to vacate, and informed the same to owner. 5. Owner has given me two options a. Pay 6 months rent and vacate the very next moment. b. Stay for another 15 months and vacate. I would like to vacate as early as possible, without paying any extra money to owner. Please suggest.
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