Land property dispute- People want common monsoon water passage from our land

Situation : Hello There, ____________________________________ Road Road Road Road _____________________________________ _____Road side drainage________________ A | | B | ?| C D E | | | ?| V I L L A G E We own a road touch agriculture Land property. There are several private lands A, B, C, D, E and all beside the road as shown in grapical representation below. Our land is shown by B. Clogged water coming from village during monsoon used to pass from those vacant areas ABCDE which Over the time, other land owners filled with Soil to bring height close to road. And land B was the only land left with less height. Since it is good amount of area, water still used to pass from land B. Now after few years,we also filled the land with mixture of stones sand waste building material so as it to be usable. There is no official drainage area in government records as per my knowledge.
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Dear Sir,

When there is no official drainage in the area belonging to you, you need not give consent for flow of water through land unless they come forward to purchase required space within the boundaries of your land. If their actions cannot be restrained by you then file a suit for injunction and get restraint order against them.

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