Can I sue ex employer for late.salary and not.releasing my.salary

Situation : 1- Working from April,Contract Salary to be given on 5-10th of every month. Breach of contract as May salary was payed post 20th on June. June +July Salary is stilt not released. -The ex boss fired me on grounds of absentessim and late comings.( employer was Informed abt the personal serious agendas involving Police and social service which caused it. (Proof is.a.FIR)Both parties agreed on ending the employment. 3- July 13 I was fired. but regardless.the salary for.June wasn't credited on 10 July. Since the termination happens.on 13 July the full and final settlement of salary from 1-13 july working days . 4- My ex employer has made deductions fro, my May salary( already payed). + Not including the 1Sunday I worked. 5- during signing the contract. I asked.for t&c & policy copy to read, which was never, officially communicated or given . They claim they always deducted for absentessim and lateness. Which is not true. Proof: past records.Now since the the relationship between Mr and the employer has gone sour. They are refusing to release my salary yet and threatening to accept the false deductions for May . and sent me claiming if I don't agree t
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Dear Sir,

You can approach labor commission for resolving your claim and also send a legal notice.

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