How to save my marriage ?

Situation : Hello Madam/sir, I'm a female 29 years been married for past 2.5 years. My husband is fighting a lot with me & is very influential from his mother & sister. He mentally even physically abused me a lot. He shows no concern on my well being, no matter how hard I try. I really love him a lot. Now he's living in a different city from past 2.5 months as of his job transfer to Pune. I was in job when he left me in Ahmedabad and promised me to take me there but now I have already lost my job. I want to stay with him but he's procrastinating it from past 2 months. His mother doesn't want me to stay with him and they're not even allowing me to stay in my in-laws house which is in Udaipur. I initially used to earn more than him which affected his mother and she used to do things to make him fight with me. I lost my 2 jobs concurrently as of depression, eye sight problems. Now I'm staying at my parents home in Jaipur waiting for him to take me with him. But he's showing no signs. Can you tell me if husband is planning for separation/ex parte divorce & wife doesn't want it what are the possibilities? I want to save my marriage at any cost. My father is a retired govt. employee with 4 child & I
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