Please do suggest & advice on legality of giving transfer effect in the society record to get legal title on my name...

Situation : This query is regarding execution of Gift Deeds. We are staying in co-operative housing society in Mumbai for the last more than 46 years. Flat was jointly held by my Aunty (50%), My father (30%) and Myself (20%). Now, query is; 1) My Aunty who is elder than my father, gifted her share of 50% to my Father thru Gift Deed, which registered on 29th Aug 2018, using proper stamp paper, with Registrar of Borivali, Mumbai, 2) After that on very next day My Father gifted his complete share of 80% to me (only Son) thru Gift Deed, duly stamped duty paid & got registered on 30th Aug 2018. 3) Now I hold complete 100% shares (80% share of Gift + 20% my own share in flat) 4) There was no time to give effect Of the transfer of names from Donors to Donee, share certificate issued by the Society, since, the 1st Gift deed executed on 29th Aug 2018 and 2nd Gift deed executed on on very next day, i.e. on 30th Aug 2018. Office bearer of the Society has refused to give effect of the aforesaid transfer in their records, as they are suggesting that execution transfer effect of 2nd Gift Deed can only be done after giving proper transfer effect of 1st Gift Deed in the Society records..
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