How to take up the matter of ticket re-scheduling with Goibibo as per the following explanation

Situation : Hi Lawyers, I had booked a return ticket from Bombay-Nairobi (Kenya)-Bombay from Goibibo and the return ticket is for 18-09-2018, which i had asked requested Goibibo to reschedule for 06.02.2019 on 12-09.2018 10.30 am IST for which they had calculated the penalty and fare difference of Rs.9000 and sent the payment link for me to pay which i did it and they received as well on time. After above 2-3 hours they had called me up and said the fares had gone up and they wanted me to pay further Rs.3200 to process the ticket, which i refused stating that they provided me the amount after i making an international call for about 25 minutes. In the meanwhile, on 12th evening they had sent an email stating that they had returned the amount as discussed. But they never discussed me to return the amount of Rs.9000 which i paid as penalty. However, the refund has not reflected by account as of now. Now I am still following up with them for the ticket and i had tweeted on this as well on their twitter account and not yet received the ticket as of now. Please let me know, the way forward on this. I have all email copies and correspondence with me. Thank you Sudeesh Nair
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