How to get temporary injunction

Situation : My question is as follows based on the brief facts of the case : 1) I have rights to ancestral agricultural land. There are some disputes in the family and i have filed cases related to partition according to Hindu Succession Act. 2) I have filed several cases in civil and revenue courts. 3) the cases in all the courts are pending. Can other family members execute registered agreement to sell the land while cases are pending? 4) other owners to the land have legally registered an agreement for sale of land in the name of a group people who are builders 5) Am I entitled for an injunction? I have already demanded for it in my civil and revenue cases. 6) My lawyer suggests it may take 9-12 months to get temporary injunction. Should it take that long? 7) Kindly advice. The value of land is more than 90 Crores according to the ongoing official rate.
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