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Situation : There is an place(approx 3 feet) which was located in the middle of mine and my neighbours house.As per the government survey results 2.25 feet belongs to mine and 0.75 feet belongs to my neighbour.Post survey government surveyour kept the sticks till my boundary. I am planning to build an compound/wall within my boundary.But my neighbour was objecting bcoz he cant do white wash if i constuct wall in my boundary. Initially i was trying to settle the matter within my village using panchayat,But i didnt get proper justice. bcoz My neighbour was having more of an political & rich background(interms of money and more persons support in my village to favour them),Due to this they are threatning/objecting my parents while starting the constructions. I have filed a police petition and i have submitted Survey report which was given by taluk office surveyour post survey. along with photo of my boundary area as confirmed by surveyour.But now my neighbour informed to police station stating myself has changed/adjusted the Stick which was kept in the boundary area. Please give the legal advice to solve this problem
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