Action against as a child abuse

Situation : When I was a child, I have been physically abused (beaten brutally) by my father & mother too every day for no reason at all other than studies... many times they even made me sleep with one of my uncle who was a child molester knowing his character how could any parent send their girl child to sleep with him? The brutality was to such an extent as if he tried to kill me indirectly as he was waiting for a boy child, not a girl child, but I loved my parents like god but still now they are if not physically but mentally torturing me although I am very well settled now quite strong financially but don't understand the reason behind this indifference. They only love my brother who has come after many abortions. They don't want to see me even I just want to do the reason for all this as this is mentally torturing me. Now can I take any legal action against all of this? Please help.
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