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Situation : am complainant in my case.. I am distributor for led lights. I had done a distributor agreement with a party. I had taken 3 blank cheques @agrreement for credit sale.and also taken bg from bank for the same. After few months dispute with us for margin n days of credit . On that day outstanding towards them was 12 lakhs dated 30.9.2017. But in August 2017 he send me notice that he had done stop payment to all cheques and no dues with us . I showed to my lawyer that notice he advised me to encash bg as soon as . I did the same. For rs.4 lakhs .Dates 20.8.2017 In between that the party returned stock of 3 lakhs to me also. Dated 19.8.2017 My lawyer directed to fill a cheque with date 16.8.2017 as I received stop payment notice for 17.8.2017 . He filled the amount 6 lakhs and put the cheque for clearing on 22 .8.2017 .. actually total due when dispute stars was 12 lakhs .. I had received bank guarantee payment and stock after cheque date and before cheque bounce My lawyer send notice .. and not mentioned the facts of the receved stock and bg payment In court complaint also he did not mention. Now the opponent taking stand that cheque was given as security and was blank.. he also saying
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Nothing to worry be assured you will win.


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