Can I personally present my case in supreme court? Reply to counter affidavit necessary b4 appearance? Fees for such case?

Situation : I filed a transfer petition of my divorce case (filed by my husband in Dhanbad) in April 2018, the case got referred to mediation (again not my requirement but my advocate said its a procedure). Mediation failed as expected.I received a 200 page counter affidavit after which we had a hearing of the case in Sep2018. We never replied to this counter affidavit, was it necessary to do so?? In the last hearing on Sept 2018, my advocate said we were loosing the case so he asked for an adjournment of 2 weeks, that got granted (again as per my advocate its a rare thing to ask adjournment). Now I have sent letter to supreme court to appear in person and explain my case. Which is accepted as the date has shifted in Oct2018. Now can i appear in person or I will need an advocate for arguments. Do I need to reply to the counter affidavit before I appear for the hearing. Is it necessary to file NOC from my existing lawyer to appear in person, as he says he has already done. What shd be the Fees uptil now and expectations in remainder. plz guide. I am from Kolkata. (System generated state and city was not getting selected so I had to select otherwise).
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