WILL vs Registered Gift Deeds

Situation : My father has 5 daughters and one son and I am the eldest daughter. From his own earnings he bought a land of 2.25 acres out of which he has given 1.18 acres to me through Registered Dhana Settlement in 1986 and 1991. In 1992 he has written a registered Will in which he has stated that he has given 1.25 acres to me. Upon decease of my father in 1997, as stated in the Will, my only brother become legal heir of the rest of the properties owned by father. Now my brother goes to court and claims that there was a typogrphical error in the Will of mentioning 1.25 acres instead of 1.18 acres and I should be entitled only for 1.18per acres as per the registered dhana settlement documents and trying to take the remaining 7 cents from me. My question is in front of Law , I can claim 1.1 8 acres (as per dhana settlement documents) (OR) 1.25 acres (as stated in the Will)
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