What rights Male have, when wife is asking to live separately from parents.

Situation : I am male, 29 from Delhi, I got married in 2016 and got blessed with a baby boy on October 2017. Since, the birth of the child my wife's behaviour changed and started asking for living separately from my parents, she moved out of my house along with the baby in august 2018 and since then she has not come back after repeated requests from me. She is adamant on living separately on rent. I am under constant pressure from her to leave my parents, this is a sort of mental cruelty on me. What Should I do? What rights do I have?
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As per following recent Supreme Court Judgment if wife refuses to reside in her matrimonial house then husband entitled for divorce. Get issue a legal notice and proceed.


India grants divorce to man whose wife refused to live with in-laws

India’s supreme court has granted a divorce to a man on the grounds of “cruelty” after his wife refused to share a home with her in-laws, effectively ruling that a married woman must live with her husband’s family.

Justice Anil R Dave, one of the the most senior judges in India, said the wife’s desire to leave her in-laws’ home was inspired by “western thought” and violated traditional values of Indian Hindus.

“In normal circumstances, a wife is expected to be with the family of the husband after the marriage,” stated the supreme court ruling, which also dismissed the wife’s attempt to kill herself as a plot to “torture” her husband and his relatives.

There is no legal obligation for men to live with their parents, so the ruling still allows couples to live independently if men choose to set up a separate home. But the case had been seen as a test, pitting the rights of women against traditional Hindu values.

Activists said the ruling left millions of women who were in unhappy marriages or with abusive husbands even more vulnerable.

“If you look at the language the court has used, it’s very regressive,” said Tenzing Chusang, from the Women’s Rights Initiative, a lawyers’ collective. “If you make the grounds of divorce very lenient for men, it makes the woman very vulnerable.”

Divorce in India carries a huge stigma: there are few financial provisions for divorced women, and little legal support.

Chusang said: “In India there’s no such thing as shared matrimonial property or equal division of assets. All she gets if the husband divorces her, and that too after years of litigation, is a minimal maintenance payment. What can she do? She has to stay.”

The judge said the wife’s claims that her husband was having an affair were fabricated, and that her suicide attempt was a devious attempt to manipulate her husband’s family.


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